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A Family Owned and Operated Small Business

AJ Supply is a small family owned and operated business. We strive to offer only the highest quality products and services at fair prices. Here at AJ Supply, we hold our teams to a higher expectation, building relationships with a network of some of the best manufacturers and installers in South Florida. We take the guess work out of turf, making sure every product and installation meets only the highest standard, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. 

Through our experience first as a turf supplier, we saw an opportunity to eliminate foul install practices and set a universal standard across South Florida for turf installations. 

We intend on changing the artificial turf sector by encouraging co-operation and transparency between install teams with specialized application focuses throughout South Florida under our direction. Additionally, we provide value through knowledge and education to our retail customers by explaining the why behind product features and install techniques.

About the Company: About the Company
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